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Jimi Gleason , Miya Ando, Alex Couwenberg with Lisa Schulte December 28 | 5-7pm

Los Angeles Art Show January 23-27

Art Palm Springs February 14-17

Andy Moses & Michael Childers, “Distortions in my Mind” April 5 | 5-7pm

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Exhibition April 18 | 5-7pm

Art Aspen July 25-28

SOFA Chicago October 31-November 3

Art Miami December 3-8


Ashley Collins & Richard Erdman January 5 2018

Welcome to MMFA February 2 2018

We Love LA February 15-19 2018

Palm Springs Art Fair March 2 2018

Master Sculptors March 9th 2018

Carlos Carulo March 24 2018

Cocktail Party Benefitting ALS April 6 2018

Ashley Collins, “Abbey Window” April 6 2018

Tea with Michael Childers April 6 2018

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Exhibition April 6 2018

Blake Baxter, New Works June 23 2018

Art Aspen July 27-29 2018


f.f.f. Introducing new work by Victor Hugo Zayas and Bruce Beasley February 3 2017

Michael Petry “Lest We Forget the Gods” Reception February 18th 2017

Annual Group Exhibition Andy Moses, Jimi Gleason, Claudia Meyer, Marcia Roberts, Justin Bower, Marcia Roberts, Ned Evans, and Kathy Venter February 18-May 1 2017

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Exhibition March 3 2017

Olivier Dassault March 10 2017

Below Sea Level Diane Best, Richard Baker, Steve Hardy, Deborah Martin, Devin Peters, Troy Zimmerman artists in attendance March 17 2017

Desert Palisades Pop Up with artists in attendance & ice cream served by Ice Cream & Sho(pe) Including Andy Moses, Ed Moses, Jimi Gleason and more at #1 Desert Palisades May 30 2017


BUST January 8 2016

Bruce Beasley February 5 2016

Psychadelic Tendencies April 3rd 2016

MMFA Annual Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Exhibition March 4 2016

Peter Woytuk March 5th 2016

Richard Erdman Reception November 26 2016

White on White A group show with Ashley Collins, Richard Erdman, Udo Noger, and Claudia Meyer November 26 2016-January 31 2017


OLIVIER DASSAULT March 19th 2015

Kelly Berg March 21st 2015

Ashley Collins April 3rd 2015

Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Exhibition April 3rd 2015

Afternoon Tea with Michael Childers March 8th 2015

First Friday Art Walk: Deborah Oropallo March 6th 2015 Melissa Morgan Fine Art presents a survey of works by internationally-acclaimed artist, Deborah Oropallo. Adorned with frills, capes, and cowboy hats, the artist presents a striking pageant of embellished figures – dissolving, digital overlays of pop culture, costume, and roleplay. Akin to painting with a brush, Oropallo utilizes her tablet to apply layers of imagery, pushing the minute details of her digital assemblages to create enigmatic, seductive hybrids that catalyze the viewer’s imagination. In her tapestries, the meticulously assembled pixels become delicately chosen threads, weaving together to create masterful, cerebral works of art.

Presenting the works of painter, Andy Moses, Brad Howe, Rondle West, and Michel Tabori. Melissa Morgan Fine Art presents the newest body of work by highly sought-after painter, Andy Moses. The colorful, abstract works of sculptor, Brad Howe, will be featured along with the intricate, theatrical sculptures of Rondle West and the expressive mixed media works of Michel Tabori. February 14, 2015

Albert Paley Coming off of his monumental installation on Park Avenue, one of the world’s most accomplished, living contemporary sculptors, Albert Paley, will be in attendance for his first show with Melissa Morgan Fine Art. February 7th 2015

First Friday Art Walk: Albert Paley February 6th 2015

Elaine Pizza – survey of works, for members of Big Horn Country Club. Collectors Welcome. January 17th 2015

“Eric Zener” with Suhas Bhujbal and Richard Baker Eric Zener will be introducing his newest body of Photo Realistic under-water work in this hotly anticipated show. Indian-born painter, Suhas Bhujbal, will be displaying his critically acclaimed series of Urban semi-abstractions, and painter, Richard Baker, will be displaying works featuring local scenes. This will be the inaugural exhibit for both painters at the gallery. January 2nd 2015


Celebrating the New Year with Bernard Cathelin January 3, 2014

5th Anniversary, featuring the work of Andy Moses February 15, 2014

Fusions, featuring the work of Michael Childers March 7, 2014

Olivier Dassault, solo exhibition March 7 – March 22, 2014

Afternoon Tea, featuring the work of Michael Childers March 23, 2014

An Open Discussion on the Future of Landscape,Yehouda Chaki, Andy Moses, Elaine Pizza, Peter Roux, Miles Bair, Richard Baker, and others. November 7, 2014

New Artist Preview: The Gallery welcomes New Artists. November 29, 2014

Ashley Collins” with Cathy Sarkowsky, Mike Weber, and Judith Kindler. December 5, 2014

Bruce Beasely Private Dinner with Collectors December 13, 2014

Bruce Beasely Art and Nature at the Annenberg Theatre, Palm Springs. December 14, 2014


A Reception and Exhibition, featuring the works of Ashley Collins, Joe McDonnell and Richard Erdman January 18, 2013

Icons and Legends, a book signing by Michael Childers and exhibition of selected works February 7, 2013

Luminous, featuring the works of Andy Moses, Lisa Bartelson, Marcia Roberts, Ned Evans, Norman Zammitt, JP Long, Jay Mark Johnson, Thierry Feuz March 9, 2013

Form and Figure, featuring the works of David Robinson, William Catling, Wanxin Zhang, Markus Schaller, Chuck Close, Deborah Oropallo, Devorah Sperber, Marianne Kolb, DJ Hall, Catherine Woskow, and Eric Zerner November 30, 2013


Squeak Carnwath & ASID, Inaugural Exhibition and Reception January 5, 2012

Impact: Glass, Steel, and Stone, featuring the works of Bella Feldman, Joe McDonnell, Bruce Beasley with painter, Peter Burega, in attendance January 14, 2012

Color Balance, featuring the works of Brad Howe and Marco Casentini February 2, 2012

Light and Space, featuring the works of Andy Moses, Casper Brindle, Susan Woodruff and Ned Evans February 18, 2012

Deborah Oropallo and Andy Moses, Exhibition and Reception March 17, 2012

Olivier Dassault, Inaugural Exhibition March 18, 2012

Bay Area Stars, featuring the works of Eric Zener, Wanxin Zhang, Lawrence Lablanca, Squeak Carnwath, and Bella Feldman November 24, 2012


Horses, featuring the works of Ashley Collins, Matt Rogers, Deborah Butterfield, Douglas Schneider, Monika Steinhoff, and Fairuza Balk January 14, 2011

Nellie King Solomon, exhibition and reception featuring the artist’s new works March 19, 2011

Alia Shawkat and Peter Gurnz, exhibition and preview of works April 16, 2011

Tale Spin, featuring the works of Deborah Oropallo July 18, 2011

Curtis Ripley, exhibition featuring the artist’s new paintings December 1, 2011

Q&A with DJ Hall, exhibition and reception December 3, 2011

Unraveling, exhibition and reception featuring the new works of Judith Kindler December 10, 2011


Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful, solo exhibition featuring the works of Judith Kindler January 14 – February 14, 2010

Stephen Knapp, exhibition featuring the artist’s new light paintings February 13 – March 20, 2010

Nellie King Solomon, solo exhibition February 14 – March 20, 2010

Fashion Week Closing Event, featuring the works of Peter Gurnz and Ben Cope March 28, 2010

Fetish Objects, Assemblages, and Line Drawings, featuring the works of David J., Steve Tobin, and Box Eight Productions March 28 – April 20, 2010

Deborah Oropallo, solo exhibition October 1, 2010

Season Preview, featuring the works of DJ Hall November 27, 2010

The Gift of Art, featuring the works of Clinton Hill, Nellie King Solomon, Jen Blazina, Ben Cope, Pat Lasch, Tim Jag, Annell Livingston, Jesse Small, Judith Kindler, and Tim Shockley December 20, 2010

Removal of Self, private viewing of works by Ben Cope featured in the film Abstraction December 18, 2010


Miami: The Edge of a Nation, featuring Carlos Betancourt, Ivan Toth DePena, Ralph Provisero, Charo Oquet, Christian Duran, Claudia Scalise, and Liliam Cuenca January 16 – February 12, 2009

Inaugural Exhibition, featuring the works of Lita Albuquerque, Andy Moses, Judy Stabile, Nellie King Solomon, Marco Casentini, Guy Dill, Josh Garber, Merion Estes, Ron Reihel, JP Long, Stephen Knapp, Deborah Oropallo, Marischa Slusarski, Ned Evans, Suzan Woodruff, Gabriel Rivera, Michael Aschenbrenner, Maggie Tennesen, and Steve Maloney February 13 – March 16, 2009

Matthew Carone, solo exhibition March 21 – April 25, 2009

estro-GEN, featuring the works of Judith Kindler, Pat Lasch, and Bella Feldman April 2, 2009

Ashley Collins, artist reception May 7, 2009

Photo Narrative, featuring the works of Peter Gurnz May 16, 2009

Clinton Hill, 50 Year Survey November 20th, 2009 – January 10th, 2010


Finish Fetish, featuring the works of Alex Couwenberg, Jimi Gleason, Andy Moses, Ron Reihel, Michel Tabori, and Suzan Woodruff January 8 – February 22, 2008

Joe McDonnell and Jeff Muhs, exhibition and reception Februrary 23, 2008


The New Still Life, featuring the works of Willard Dixon, Janet Fish, Sherrie Wolf: January, 2007

Masters Project, Chagall January, 2007

Ceramic Concerns, featuring the works of Daniel Oberti Februrary, 2007

Masters Project, Picasso Ceramics February, 2007

Photorealism, featuring the works of Robert Bechtle, Richard Estes, and Bertrand Meniel March, 2007

Masters Project, Mid-century Masters, featuring the works of E. DeKoonig, Sam Francis, Hans Hoffman, and Robert Motherwell March, 2007

Photo Open, featuring the works of Peter Gurnz December 19, 2007


Surrealism, featuring the works of Chagall, Dali, Magritte, Ernst January 14, 2006

Picasso February 6, 2006

Lasting Bond, featuring the works of Calder and Miro February 18, 2006

Latin American, featuring the works of Nagel, Matta, Tamayo, Cuevas, and Siqueiros March 11, 2006

Minimalism April 8, 2006

Masters Project, Capturing the Masters, photo-portraits of prominent 20th century artists adjacent to their works on paper October, 2006

Three Wise Women, featuring the works of Elaine Pizza, Nancy Town-Schultz, and Leslie Tejada December, 2006

Masters Project, Roy Lichtenstein December, 2006


POP-ular Revolt – After two decades of abstraction, a return to representation with a POP and a sizzle! February 12, 2005

Paint, Paper, Action! Freedom from the Figure – Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting, and Sculptures March 5, 2005

Paint, Paper, Action! Freedom from the Figure – Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting, and Sculptures March 5, 2005

Lasting Impressions, The Art of Fine Print-making April 8, 2005

La Belle Époque, Paris at the Birth of Modernism April 30, 2005

Modern Masters Fine Art Group Show, featuring the works of Miro, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Leger, and Braque November 5, 2005

Marini & H. Moore December 3, 2005