Xawery Wolski

  • Melissa Morgan Fine Art

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Xawery Wolski’s art is a demonstration of connectivity and communication. Growing up in Poland during the Communist Party’s occupation, the artist inherited an atmosphere of both regression and rebellion. From his restricted life as a youth, Xawery has become dedicated to the pursuit of freedom, especially for the artist. “Knowing that we are all alike…we have a desire for freedom, happiness….we fear disease, bad luck, death…and finally, no matter which cultural, social or moral patterns we know, we look for communication.”

Wolski’s predecessors in minimal sculpture (Brancusi, Judd, Morris) inform the art he creates with the simplest organic materials: seeds, beans, rope, clay, shells, stone. His work with seeds illustrates the continuum of form and of life; a seed contains all that its maturity will be: its birth, death, and eventual return to life. The use of seeds and other organic material for Wolski is not only a homage to nature but a way to connect with the metaphor of continuation and cycles of earth’s history. The sculptures draw no limits and seek to stimulate reflections on presence and absence, giving a metaphysical aspect to the work.

He also makes very large, abstracted, ritual necklaces and gowns made from terracotta, fish bone, wire, and bean. In these, like all of his work, he avoids the blatant realism of the figurative: a part can signify the whole. Even when Wolski deviates from organic materials to working with bronze, he often conceals the underlying metal under a patina of matte white, abstracting it into a prime, pristine posture, as if exhumed from a dream or a distant past.

Xawery Wolski was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1960 and currently lives and works in Mexico City. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts (Warsaw), the Academy of Fine Art (Paris), and the Institue of Higher Education in Visual Arts (Paris). The artist has exhibited his work in countries throughout the world and has been awarded residencies in Asia, South America, Mexico, United States, and Europe. As he travels, he continues to collect the natural products of each country as inspiration for his art.