Stephen Hutchings

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Stephen Hutchings’ landscapes are about the persistence of subjective truth in a world that stresses an objective view of reality. What we feel about a place, what we remember, what we yearn for—these are the aspects of place that Hutchings explores and articulates in his work. They establish a deep relationship with us that allows us to understand the paintings in more than just a purely visual sense.

To achieve this powerful effect, Hutchings develops his paintings by means of a number of different techniques and procedures. The result is a blend or hybrid that is, at one and the same time, both historic and contemporary. It is a process that includes techniques as diverse as modern four-color printing, 18th century oil glazing, traditional charcoal drawing, and contemporary computer and digital photo manipulation.

Hutchings work has been the subject of a number of museum exhibitions that have travelled across his native country, Canada. Hutchings’ work is represented in museum, corporate and private collections across the United States, Canada and in Europe.
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