Matthias Scheer

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Photography is the way I capture moments that have passed. I have traveled since I was eight years old, and I always felt that I left something behind whenever I had to move on. Photography became a way for me to keep a piece of my experience.

Ten years ago, I boarded a 90-foot steel dive boat called the Phantom, and started a voyage that would take me from a small town on the shores of Lake Erie, down the eastern seaboard of the United States, throughout the Caribbean, and to the remote reaches of the South Pacific. Over eight years, I earned my PADI open water dive instructor license, a 100-ton captain’s license, and an appreciation for the rising price of marine diesel fuel. I loved each new place I went, and a felt a heart-tearing detachment from the communities and waters I left behind.

Photography became my method for interacting more deeply with my surroundings. I learned photography from drive by shootings. Driving along the road, I would see and capture people and places as moments as moments in time, bringing a world I saw only as a blur into critical focus. Through the selective focus of a camera lens, shapes and colors organized themselves into coherency, revealing intricate patterns of life and color. From a sequence of blurry images, I would find a person, a place, a structure that illustrated at least a fraction of each place. When words failed to capture the wonder I felt in messages to friends and family back home, I sent pictures.

Photography is my way of capturing the worlds I see both above and below the waves. Photography is the medium of how I perceive the world. Translating what I see and feel into an image… Is my ultimate goal.