Fairuza Balk

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Creativity has been stirring in my soul since before I was born. Being the offspring of an entire family involved in the arts, I have always created art in one form or another. I began working with paint at fifteen years old, and shortly after, I was accepted to the Emily Carr Art College in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, I was not able to attend, as my acting career had taken off. Expressing myself through “painted” imagery was put on hold, as my story-telling through my acting gained a large audience.

Never wanting to lose touch with the “canvas,” I continued my passion for painting over the years, studying art privately. I was asked to participate in the 2008 H.O.P.E. event, which is a yearly fundraiser for the orphans of Darfur. This gave me the incentive I needed to work with a new medium that I had wanted to explore for a while. This process is a form of forced oxidation with rust that I can then use for a richly varied surface that enhances the narrative images that were coming through me. It gives me great joy to work on this new series, and I am incredibly excited about sharing these pieces with a wider audience.