Elaine Pizza

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The kinetic nature of iridescent paint causes the paint color to seemly change in an impromptu way. The combination of an illusive, yielding, deceptive-in-appearance paint color and the concept of a story without a determinable basis of fact or natural explanation, can work together beautifully. Imaginative thought concepts challenging a seemingly changing color. Both kinetic in substance, they can compliment each other and enforce the abstractness in their combination.

Iridescent paints include pearlescent and interference pigments, and are made from tiny transparent mica flakes which are coated on all sides with layers of metal oxide. They are highly refractive (they can bend light) and are reflective, like little mirrors. The effects of these pigments are very angle and light dependent. Thus, my new works, like old Myths, are unabashedly and intentionally imaginative, decorative and extraverted.