Untamed: Mary Chomenko Hinckley

3 November - 15 December 2023

Join us in the gallery on November 3 from 4-7pm for the opening reception of Untamed, an exhibition featuring works by Mary Chomenko Hinckley.


A true materialist, Hinckley's work, constructed within an expansive mix of philosophical thought processes, is an honest accounting of the trials and triumphs of the materials with which they were made. Her choices of materials have consistently poetic underpinnings. Even the most recognizable of images becomes adaptable under the weight of their unusual conception.


Hinckley's Coyote Series expresses the untamed spirit of the animal, carefully and ironically juxtaposed against the playful sleekness of brightly colored bronze. The series makes connections between nature, culture, and place. As the child of WWII survivors and immigrants from Ukraine, the artist identifies with the coyote. It is one of the largest wild animals to thrive in urban environments. Coyotes, like humans, adapt and survive. Hinckley approaches the natural world with a perspective that's simultaneously candid, pragmatic and artful.