Andrea Stanislav


Andréa Stanislav is an contemporary American artist, whose practice includes sculpture, video installation and public projects. Ms. Stanislav received a MFA from Alfred University, New York; and a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work considers themes of harmony and deconstruction in the natural world, popular culture and, by extension, regards the sublime — realized through unexpected visual manifestations, multi media installations and monumental sculpture.

SOLO EXHIBITIONS (SELECTED) 2018 Andréa Stanislav, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis IN, (forthcoming) 2017 Andréa Stanislav, Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis, MO (forthcoming) 2016 Convergence Infinité, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO Preternatural Shadow Shifter, Galleria Ca’D‘Oro, New York City, NY Memorial Exhibition – Forget Your Past, Museum of the Defense and Siege of Leningrad, St. Petersburg, Russia 2015 Lake Ladoga – video sketches and collage, Gallery 2.4, Art-Centre Pushkinskaya-10, St. Petersburg, Russia 2014 In the Courtyard– Wonderwall, Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY Nightmare on the Neva, Gallery 2.4, Art-Centre Pushkinskaya-10, St. Petersburg, Russia Phase Velocity, Burnet Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 2013 Wilderness of Mirrors, Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL Feature Solo Project: Andréa Stanislav – The Vanishing Points, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK 2013 Houston Fine Art Fair, Houston, TX Everything is Permitted, REDUX Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC The Vanishing Points, Scope Projects, Scope New York 2013, New York, NY, 2011 Vanishings Points and Ghost Portraits, 1 Museum Plaza Gallery, 21c Museum, Louisville, KY 2010 Lightning Struck Itself, Burnet Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN Darkness Doubled, Art Ecology, Louisville, KY to the Western Lands, Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL Blue Room, Thomas Hunter Project Gallery, Hunter College, New York, NY 2009 Fogtîogarburn, Thisisnotashop, Dublin, Ireland Holiday in the Sun, Burnet Art Gallery, Chambers Art Hotel, Minneapolis, MN 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        River to Infinity — the Vanishing Points, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN Land of the Lost, Garner Arts Center, Garnerville, NY Flashland, Jonathan Shorr Gallery, New York, NY 2006 Unenchanted, University of Nebraska – Omaha Art Gallery, Omaha, NE 2004 The House of Red on White, Coleman Center for the Arts, York, AL 2001 The UFRO Project, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE 1000 Kisses, Grunwald Gallery of Art, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 2000 UFRO, Monk Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 1999 The Pink Room, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD Unrecognizable Objects of Desire, Project Space, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE