Victor Hugo Zayas


Having enjoyed over sixty exhibitions to date, Victor Hugo Zayas is best known for his paintings, vigorous depictions of landscapes and cityscapes, as well as still life and figural subjects that mediate between realism and expressionism. He frequently works on a very large scale, rendering otherwise modest subjects – views of industrial buildings, arrangements of flowers – dynamic and heroic. No matter what their size, Zayas’ canvases are rich with paint. Their subdued palette evokes the tonalism of Rembrandt, Velazquez, and Manet, but their expansive, forceful brushstrokes hark back to Titian and even van Gogh. Zayas’ canvases are distinctively modern in their cinematic bravado, but in their evocation of the old masters and their obvious indulgence in painterly physicality, they provide us a respite from the featureless anonymity of the computer screen.

Zayas is equally accomplished as a sculptor, and has realized numerous private and public commissions in the United States and Mexico. Zayas’ metal sculpture is entirely abstract, tending to geometric forms composed of intricately assembled linear elements. With his paintings, however, the sculptures share a structural exuberance and a compositional confidence grounded in the artist’s powerful sense of form.