Richard Erdman – Featured Artist


Natural grace flows throughout the works of visionary Sculptor, Richard Erdman, erupting like currents of water and traveling outward to the tips of his stoic wonders. In Richard Erdman: A Profile, award-winning director and cinematographer, Amanda Zackem, follows the artist through his process as he brings stone to life, creating works which emulate both the vitality and elegance found within nature and the temporal permanence of stone. With a career spanning nearly four decades, Richard Erdman’s work has been shown in more than 140 solo and group exhibitions worldwide, and can be found in numerous private and public collections. We at Melissa Morgan Fine Art would like to congratulate Richard Erdman on this beautiful documentary, which effortlessly captures the passionate spirit of the artist and his work. For further inquiries regarding the work of Richard Erdman, please contact us at the gallery.

MMFA Richard Erdman
L-R: Portrait of the Artist, Sequela