Guy Diehl


Since the mid-1980s, Diehl has utilized the still life format to make art about art. Rendered ina realist style, each painting takes as its focal point a particular artist, movement, or theme from art history. In his more recent paintings, Diehl has engaged the art historical canonthrough appropriation; partial facsimiles of works by artists such as Modigliani, Rembrandt,Cezanne, Hopper, and David Park, for example, materialize as postcards or images within open texts. Books frequently appear in conjunction with these visual references, their gilt titles further elucidating the paintings’ larger thematic scope. Carefully arranged objects such as shells, fruit, boxes, and glass bottles and jars – signifiers in their own right – bestow the composition with formal unity. Anchored by this internal coherency, Diehl’s paintings confidently merge art and life through their allusions to the wider field of cultural production.