Bret Price


Since 1979, Bret Price has been building heating chambers around large pieces of steel, applying concentrated, intense heat, then manipulating the material to create a sense of softness. When the heat is removed, these illusions of flexibility are frozen, and on one level, the sculpture becomes a documentation of those forces used in the process. It is his intent that these sculptures communicate a sense of continuance, as if each piece is a single frame taken from a film, appearing to be at rest before moving on.This method of making art offers a number of creative options for him as a sculptor. The variables of heat intensity, size and shape of the raw material produce a wide range of results; from the quiet simplicity of a single pipe bend to the rhythmic complexity that emerges from folding a section of structural steel.


2009 Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Ft. Collins, CO, “Out of Shapes: Stainless Steel Sculpture” 2008 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, “Explorations in Metal” 2006 Dayton Art Institute, Dayton OH, “Monumental Sculptures by Bret Price” 2004 Reyne Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2004 Sinclair Community College Gallery, Dayton, OH 2003 The Art Foundry Gallery, Sacramento, CA 2001 Elizabeth Edwards Fine Arts, Laguna Beach, CA 1998 Wyndy Morehead Gallery, New Orleans, LA 1997 Tustin Renaissance Gallery, Tustin, CA

1996 Wyndy Morehead Gallery, New Orleans, LA “Range of Motion” 1996 Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA “Burnt Offerings” 1995 Kavish Gallery, Ketchum, ID 1991 Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

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