Vladimir Cora

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Vladimir Cora is self-taught, and was able to build a reputation as a formidable painter in his late teens. He knew he wanted to be a painter after seeing a print of Monet’s “Water Lilies” in his aunt’s pharmacy, where he worked when he was thirteen. Cora was named after Vladimir Lenin by his father, a saddle maker and avid follower of politics.

Cora met Rufino Tamayo in 1978 and was his student from then until the mentor died in 1991. Cora’s work exhibits exuberance, subtle humor and vitality. His works are painted, carved in relief and sculpted. The final result is bold, with mysteriously appealing colors.

In Mexico, Cora is a highly regarded established artist. He lives and works in Santa Ana, California, where there is an active Mexican community and where he can work in privacy without distraction.