Udo Noger

  • Melissa morgan fine art udo noger

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Udo Nöger’s artistic work is based on the synthesis of painted image and structured light. The expanded character of Nöger’s work is defined through following formal characteristics: painted canvas, space, light and the monochrome – that with structure is brought into tension.

How are Nöger’s paintings classified dimensionally? For a better comprehension, there are a few technical facts: the works consist of three canvases, that are streched over each other to the frame. Forms are cut from the middle layer, whichopens the view to the behind. Around it lies the painted image, primarily painted in monochromatic shades of grey. The forms appear through this transparent state to be soaked in mineral oil, as a translucent membrane that allows the light to penetrate. The negative forms produce a vessel character, holding the incoming light from the outside while returning it to the ambient space. Illuminated by the energy of light, they evolve into a pulsating, luminous cocoon – a complex dimensional structure.