T Barny

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As a young child I loved to make sand castles on the beach. But, people never recognized my castles because they were really my first abstract sculptures. I have worked in almost every material, form, and scale; from carved stone to neon, argon or mercury gas-filled blown glass; from classical clay figures to welded or cast metal abstract objects; from jewelry size sculptures to monumental forty-foot fabric installations and landscape garden designs. This encompassing experience drew me back to the oldest material of Man, the one that I continue to find the most expressive … Stone. A native Californian, I have spent the last thirty years in a love affair with stone. I import personally selected marble from quarries all over the world. Then I attain an affinity with the blocks by listening to their rhythms rather than imposing my own. I carve out the flaws of geological tension to release a sound free form inherent in that specific stone. My work includes stone wall hangings, primitive stone carvings, fountain sculptures, and my trademark curvilinear pieces. When people hear beautiful music they feel it. I want people to feel the same harmony when they see and touch my sculpture. I want them to experience the visual melody and to enjoy the touch of stone that is smooth & silky, and to explore the partnership of wonder that man & nature can create. Many people respond to an exhibit of modern art by exclaiming, “my two year old could do that!” When people see my art I want them to say, “How does he do that?” I do not want my work to reflect the ugliness of life. I want to give you a good feeling; enriched and stimulated by the beauty of life.

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