Olivier Dassault

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Olivier Dassault

From Morocco to Belgium, from Paris to Shanghai from a fisherman’s bark to a curtain raiser Olivier Dassault’s art exhibit is an invitation to a journey and a passport to a stage designed with astonishing diversity.

To be an observer of the reality, to detect its unsuspected grace, to immediately grab it and then to slowly recompose the image to reveal its essence, that’s what Olivier Dassault’s work is all about.

These photos, in which forms and colors are being mixed with one another, in which the light looks like being added with a sky imprinted brush are a reminder of the masters of abstraction’s paintings. With his old Minolta silver camera, Olivier Dassault paints the same way he flies, in a 1000th of a second.

These snapshots taken around the world, exhibited here at the Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery in Palm Desert, are like random notes taken from his road map, each one opening through a dormer window on other scenarios meant to be revealed.