Nicolas Saint Grégoire

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Saint Gregoire Nicolas

Behind the bright colors and clean lines of these neon and plexiglass light sculptures, Nicolas Saint Grégoire’s art is more subversive than it seems. Saint Grégoire strives to break the invisible boundaries that isolate visual art from other forms of creation. It is only natural that he turns his attention to the personality and creations of Yves Saint Laurent in his pursuit to merge visual arts and fashion. He shares with the life and work of the designer a similar interest in bringing together various forms of artistic expression. The fashion designer’s phrase “I tried to show that fashion is art” captures the same spirit.
Sharing with Saint Laurent the same freedom of thought, the same elegant irreverence toward establishments, Saint Grégoire found in the work of the designer an inspiration for his own creations.
The works of Nicolas Saint Grégoire have been featured in numerous exhibitions throughout the world, from the Grand Palais in Paris, France to Art Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey to Art San Francisco in San Francisco, California.