Marc Sijan

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This is the story of a Milwaukee man, an extremely talented sculptor whose works are found all over the world and who in fact is rated Number One in his genre, yet is better known in cities of Europe, Asia and The Middle East than he is right here in his own home town.

His name is Marc Sijan. His Artform is Hyper Realism. Sijan’s Studio is located on a small side street in Milwaukee’s Bay View south side. It’s definitely off the beaten path, which is exactly what he wants. He spends a tremendous amount of time on a single sculpture, taking from six months to a year to complete just one. ( He pointed out, however, that he works on several at the same time.) Quiet and solitude are a must for the great concentration to detail that is necesary in his work.

His creations have been featured in galleries, museums and special exhibits all over the world. They include the Smithsonian Museum of Modern Art in Washington, D.C, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Sijan is of Serbian descent, and is proud to have been honored as one of the most prominent Serbian Americans in the world. He has had over 60 one-man museum exhibitions, a truly exceptional achievement. Most artists are overjoyed to have only one or two exhibits.
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